Production tech goes for coffee on the way back from going for coffee

CALGARY, Alberta – On his way back from a 45 minute morning coffee run with 3 of his production engineering colleagues at Subterra Resources (using his favourite coffee cups), Peter Chekovski bumped into his regular coffee pals, who encouraged him to go for coffee again.

get-attachment-aspx1Well, I typically don’t go for coffee on my way back from going for coffee, but these were my coffee-run regulars, who I couldn’t reach first thing in the morning. So I figured instead of letting them down, that I’d go grab a quick cup. – Peter Chekovski

Well, it turns out that the quick cup turned into a sit-down coffee that ran on for nearly 30 minutes, which basically rendered Peter’s entire morning wasted. After being reprimanded by his supervisor (having missed 2 meetings that morning), Peter has vowed to stick to the 10 API sludge that is produced by the coffee machine in his office.